Slave Lake, AB


Town of Slave Lake




11.9 million


March 2013

Built in the 1970’s, the Slave Lake Multi-Rec Centre (formally Arctic Ice Recreation Centre) has been a vital part of the Slave Lake, Alberta community. To meet the needs of modern times and provide more space, JEN COL completed a major redesign and reconstruction.  The project involved modernizing the facility’s two existing ice arenas and adding a new 1,178m² lobby, indoor soccer field, gymnasium field house with an upper running track, new dressing rooms, Zamboni room, front lobby and other amenities.

The new indoor soccer field, gymnasium field house and expanded lobby with a concession stand, multipurpose room and indoor children’s play area have opened up new opportunities for sports, fitness and socialization. The modernization also included new exterior cladding, roofing, mechanical and electrical systems, and significant alterations to dressing rooms, cooling tower and seating.

The project was completed in three phases to avoid disrupting regular activities during the winter months. The modernization project greatly enhanced the Slave Lake Multi-Rec Centre’s capacity to meet the needs of the Slave Lake community. Today, the centre serves as a vibrant community hub, providing a home for numerous sports teams and activities.

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