At JEN COL, our expertise goes beyond new construction. In fact, much of the work we do involves retrofit and renovation planning, design and carpentry.

Building new is easy. Renovating takes experience and the ability to recognize the unknowns. It takes a special type of construction manager to think inside and outside the box to come up with innovative solutions that add value to a project. As our customers grow and evolve, their needs continuously change. JEN COL is here to convert existing, aging spaces into the built structures of the future.

Facility Retrofits

Whether you’ve moved into an existing facility that needs modification to suit your operations, are expanding your business in place or are upgrading to offer more sophisticated capabilities, we’ve got you. JEN COL is experienced at simple to highly complex facility retrofit construction.

Commercial Renovation Projects

From upgrading a severely outdated structure to current standards to a fairly minor facelift, let JEN COL manage your project without the headaches and surprises that often arise in commercial renovations. Our teams handle the planning, testing, demolition, and construction process—using methods and transparency to manage costs predictably and complete the work on time.

At JEN COL we are known for delivering The Unrivaled Project Experience. That means a planning, design and building process you will enjoy and appreciate, from our customer service and attention to detail to the pride-worthy end result.

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The Planning and
Pricing experts

You won’t likely encounter anyone in your construction journey who is more experienced and adept than JEN COL at bringing your needs and expectations together through the lens of what you can reasonably afford. The earlier you talk to us, the better we are able to help you fully achieve your vision—on your budget.

See our What It Costs page to fully understand what we mean.