The biggest realization our commercial construction clients commonly have is one of underestimation. That is, they seldom fully anticipate the growth a new office or commercial building will catalyze for their business.

Since 1978 JEN COL has planned, designed and delivered energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and enduring construction projects for hundreds of demanding clients.

From office buildings to light industrial construction, our goal is always to help you achieve the most amazing possible outcome within your budget. To create a highly efficient structure and environment where you will enjoy new levels of productivity, comfort and pride.

Office Building Construction

Whether you’re a veteran developer or a business owner ready to purpose-build your own place (possibly with space to lease for additional revenue), JEN COL is here to help plan, design and build it, the right way.

Light Industrial Construction

From manufacturing shops and warehouses to food processing facilities, JEN COL’s experienced team will work with you from the idea stage onward for the most cost-effective and practical result. We’re your light industrial construction experts.

Commercial Building Construction

Regardless of the purpose of your build, and whether it includes sustainable building requirements like LEED and Green Globes, we’ve got the expertise you need to complete it successfully. JEN COL’s experienced team and reliable construction partners employ detailed scheduling, cost control strategies and open-book processes to deliver dependability, transparency—and the quality we’re known for in a finished product. Our vast experience includes:

  • Restaurants, bars and event venues
  • Engineering, law offices and professional services office buildings
  • Trucking and transport shops and garages
  • Medical and professional buildings

At JEN COL we are known for delivering The Unrivaled Project Experience. That means a planning, design and building process you will enjoy and appreciate, from our customer service and attention to detail to the pride-worthy end result.

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The Planning and
Pricing experts

You won’t likely encounter anyone in your construction journey who is more experienced and adept than JEN COL at bringing your needs and expectations together through the lens of what you can reasonably afford. The earlier you talk to us, the better we are able to help you fully achieve your vision—on your budget.

See our What It Costs page to fully understand what we mean.