Construction Management

JEN COL brings together a team like no other: a group of passionate Project Partners who are experienced in construction management and engaged to achieve that Unrivaled Project Experience. Our first step is to define and understand your objectives. This includes the initial scope of work, a detailed outline of your needs and expectations, as well as physical, financial, and time constraints.

Owner Involvement

Your involvement begins by selecting the team. This includes the architect and the construction manager (prior to the design being completed or possibly started). You’ll even have a hand in selecting sub-contractors—if you choose to—making this truly YOUR team.

Team Effort

JEN COL’s Construction Management group provides the opportunity for an overlap between design and construction, value engineering and constructability input into the design, as well as total management of work packages, trade contracts, and the entirety of construction activities for the project.

Preconstruction Services

Engaging JEN COL at the preconstruction phase offers certainty that your project will begin on the right foot – with an appropriate budget, an accurate schedule and a high performance team focused on achieving your vision.

Value Engineering

The greatest benefit your project can receive is to begin value engineering right from the inception of the project. Bringing JEN COL and the design team together to develop the project with you draws on expertise from a full circle of partners allowing true, experience-based value engineering decisions.

Cost Certainty

All work is competitively bid and options are available to construct your project to a fixed price, just like a stipulated price contract, giving you peace of mind with cost certainty early on in your project. The JEN COL Construction Management Team excels at finding and achieving the delicate balance between cost, efficiency, sustainability and delivery.
Quality for Less

Because JEN COL, the architect, engineers and trade partners are all involved from the very beginning, you get expert opinions from the entire team which ensures a higher quality building at the lowest cost.


When you contract with JEN COL to both design and build your project, it results in an alliance between the designer and builder that fosters collaboration and teamwork. This can provide numerous benefits, including:

Singular Responsibility

A single point of contact means the Client can focus on the project rather than managing multiple contracts and entities. And because we’re all in this together, everyone works in a collaborative environment to find solutions to challenges that arise. No one points fingers or passes the buck, because we’re fully accountable to you.

Faster Delivery

Total delivery time is reduced because construction can commence before design is finished, and bidding periods and redesign are eliminated. By removing several layers and streamlining responsibility, synergies are created throughout the process. And the resulting time savings means lower overall costs and earlier occupancy in your new facility.

Cost Savings

JEN COL’s integrated design and construction team works more effectively and is better able to focus on efficiency and innovation. This not only saves money, but results in a better end result.

Total Accountability

One entity is responsible for cost, schedule, quality and performance. When that entity is JEN COL, you’re in the best possible hands.

Optimum Risk Management

Change orders are virtually eliminated when the Design-Build entity assumes full responsibility for developing drawings and specifications, as well as constructing a fully functioning facility. This provides you with cost certainty, removing one of the largest stress points in construction.

General Contracting

At JEN COL, we’ve placed a very high priority on relationships and partnerships for generations. What that yields for our General Contracting customer is the confidence that we bring the most reputable and qualified tradespeople to every project, and hold each of them to our own elevated standards. Change orders are eliminated, and you have a single contract leveraging JEN COL’s reliability for design, construction and all trades involved from ideation to delivery.

Our reputation for fairness, culture of safety and tradition of excellence attract and cultivate the most qualified subcontractors, tradespeople and suppliers. To you as the customer, it means that with JEN COL as your General Contractor, you can count on a consistent delivery of quality, accountability and price security that is unparalleled in the construction industry.