This is YOUR Project.

JEN COL has partnered with an amazing range of professionals since our start in 1978. From municipal council members to asset managers and entrepreneurs of every stripe, they all have one thing in common, with each other and with you.

You have something important to build.

That is why you’re investing the time to look for the best fit in a construction partner. The outcome reflects on you, and you want the process to be a positive experience.

You value knowledge, experience, and leadership,

recognizing that while a number of construction companies could simply build your project, hiring the right people benefits every stage of construction—and leads to a better end result.

You understand that starting early

is when a construction partner can have the most impact on a project’s costs and overall success.

You recognize it’s going to be an investment,

and that the smartest way to save time and money is to work with pricing and planning experts.

You want a building that endures and adds value. 

Whether your project is a fairly minor renovation or a large-scale build, JEN COL is in the business of creating pride-worthy built environments that excel against the test of time.

You value ethical partners

who say what they mean and do what they say. Who take project success personally and are all in. A well-oiled team of professionals who help others grow, routinely going above and beyond to tackle the near-impossible. (All of those are our core values.)

Sound like you?

If so, this is going to be great. People like you work very well with people like us!

The JEN COL Building Process

You’ve got an idea, and you’ve begun imagining a new facility or commercial office building. Now what?

Even if it feels too early to talk to a construction company, it probably is not. Now is the best time to make choices that will align reality with the dream—or vice-versa. Clear processes, strategies and communication are key. Having a professional construction manager like JEN COL at your side from the beginning will reduce construction time, unexpected costs and unknown pain points—and make the construction experience more enjoyable!

The Idea

You’ve come up with an idea that satisfies a business need, so what’s next?

– Develop a business case
– Meet with the bank
– Engage a real estate agent
– Engage a Construction Manager/Design Builder
– Review land/property options
– Land acquisition
– Schematic design

Project Pre‑Planning

You’ve done your homework and everything looks good. Your goals and the costs and timeline of the project make sense. Now it’s time to work with your Construction Manager to put some plans and designs in place.

– Design development
– Architectural and Engineering drawing production
– Resource Plan (manpower & equipment)
– Schedule development
– Financial Plan
– Quality Plan
– Procurement
– Safety Plan
– Communication Plan
– Acceptance/Risk Plan
– Contract documents
– Construction budget approval
– Formal client feedback

Project Execution

Construction commences… this is where the fun begins and you start to see your idea come to life! The best part? Your Construction Manager manages it all for you so you can focus on your business, not construction.

– Field start-up with trades
– Cost, quality, change, issue and safety management
– Formal client feedback at significant project milestones

Project Close & Warranty

Work on the job site is complete, the project is coming to a close and you’re ready to move in.

– Building commissioning
– Occupancy and warranty period
– Closure and post-project review/feedback

We did it!

Done… time to celebrate and enjoy your new building. But, we’re always here when you need us. Consider us your partner for life!


  • Building systems training & support
  • Warranty reviews & assistance
  • Post-warranty… we are not going anywhere and will always be here to help

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