Stony Plain, Alberta


Decker Properties Group Inc.



Decker Centre is a one-story, 1,394m² commercial shopping center located in Stony Plain, Alberta, developed on two acres of land. It is designed to accommodate retail, office and professional tenants. Despite facing challenges such as high-water tables and expansive soil, our team implemented innovative solutions to ensure success and minimize geotechnical expenses. By changing the foundation plans and replacing traditional Compacto piles with screw piles, we ensured the foundation would be secure while also achieving significant cost savings of over $417,000. The building has been creatively designed with a faux facade, imitation windows, and raised features, making it more visually appealing and interesting, and avoiding a plain, boxy look.

The shopping complex encompasses eight bays, completely shelled for tenant satisfaction and convenience. We completed all the separate electrical, mechanical, gas meters and water for each individual tenant bay, fully ready for each tenant to proceed with their fit-out. In addition to the core structure, our scope of work encompassed comprehensive site development for the rest of the Decker Centre square to prepare for future developments. We also completed landscaping initiatives aimed at enhancing curb appeal. This project was successfully completed on time and significantly under budget.

Delivery Method

Construction Management


OKE 8 Designs Inc.