Our Commitment to Sustainable Construction

Leading Environmental Excellence

At JEN COL, sustainability had never been just a buzzword — it’s our driving force. We’ve established a robust environmental management philosophy that guides our every move. This philosophy takes shape for you in our cutting-edge Environmental Management Plan (EMP), which surpasses provincial government standards.

Empowering our EMP

  • Proactive Environmental Guardians

    We don’t wait for environmental issues to arise; we anticipate and tackle sustainability factors head-on. Our proactive stance expedites project approvals and ensures you the smoothest construction process possible.

  • Crystal-Clear Guidance

    Our EMP isn’t a document gathering dust; it’s a focal set of specific, actionable directives. From sediment control procedures to site-specific strategies, it equips our team for environmental protection.

  • Accountability & Communication

    We don’t just preach responsibility; we live it. We communicate expectations and responsibilities, covering everything from monitoring and contingency planning to environmental supervision and reporting.

Sustainability On Every Project

Sustainability is one of the keystones of our Corporate Social Responsibility platform. We recognize the world’s increasing focus on environmental consciousness and reducing our footprint on the land.

Here’s how we integrate sustainability into every project:


We employ the perfect-sized equipment for each task, not only enhancing efficiency but also reducing emissions and bolstering air quality. This isn’t just about productivity; it’s about honouring and protecting the environment.


Construction debris often dominates landfills, but not on our watch. Through strategic partnerships with local waste management authorities, we diligently categorize and dispose of debris. We sort materials into categories including scrap metals, burnable wood, clean concrete, and construction waste, significantly reducing our environmental impact.


Our material selection process goes beyond specifications; it focuses on long-term value. Locally sourced materials help shrink carbon footprints and invigorate local economies. Reliable materials reduce waste and minimize long-term maintenance costs.


We’re not just talking the talk; we’re walking the walk. JEN COL is a powerhouse of sustainable construction expertise, spanning geothermal systems, waste reduction strategies, solar installations, high-performance building envelopes, and HVAC system efficiency. Our experience enables us to meet diverse sustainability goals, whether it’s LEED® certification, Net Zero ambitions, or carbon emissions reduction.

Our team boasts numerous LEED® Green Associates and LEED® AP BD+C staff members who intimately know the ins and outs of sustainable project design. We collaborate seamlessly with architects, engineers, LEED® consultants, and commissioning agents to transform sustainability and environmental responsibility goals into reality.


Our commitment isn’t confined to theory; it’s rooted in action. We’ve successfully executed numerous projects where sustainability and environmental responsibility took centre stage. Our teams and partners bring groundbreaking techniques to the table, such as rainwater and heat capture and recycling. We pair these innovations with meticulous planning, cost control, and transparent management processes to ensure we deliver the top-tier quality synonymous with JEN COL.

What is LEED®?

LEED® certification is a globally recognized standard for evaluating green buildings. Projects earn points across categories to achieve one of four rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Our Sustainable Projects

At the forefront of sustainable construction, we take pride in being the Construction Manager for Alberta’s pioneering LEED® Certified renovation project at the Shenfield Civic Centre, also know as Spruce Grove City Hall. This exemplifies our unwavering dedication to sustainable building practices. Explore below to discover more of our successful LEED® projects.

Ready To Build Sustainably?
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Join us in ushering in a sustainable revolution. At JEN COL, sustainability is never just a goal; it’s our passion, our unwavering commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable world.

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