JEN COL has earned a reputation as a top Canadian builder of schools and educational facilities, having delivered hundreds of school projects since 1978.

We’ve partnered with school boards in BC and across Western Canada to plan, design and build efficient and leading-edge places of learning that include:

  • K-12 schools (public, separate and private)
  • Universities
  • Private colleges and academies
  • Polytechnic institutes
  • First Nations schools and training facilities

While JEN COL has grown to encompass other fields of commercial and municipal construction, schools will always hold a special place in our hearts and remains a focal point of the specialized expertise for which we’re known.

We excel at partnering with BC school boards, provincial infrastructure teams, asset managers, council members, and civil planning teams to build environments in which educators are empowered and students draw inspiration.


The earlier you bring JEN COL into the conversation, the greater impact we can have on cost reduction and effective design.

Building BC’s Schools of Tomorrow, Today

School construction in British Columbia has evolved considerably since we entered the field—and while many educational goals remain relatively unchanged, the way learning is accomplished has evolved at an increasingly rapid pace. Each school we build at JEN COL includes new advanced features that embrace location, educator goals, unique challenges and emerging technologies. They often include components such as:

  • Multi-purpose gymnasiums and athletics labs
  • Theatres and auditoriums
  • Technologically focused libraries and study centres
  • Science laboratories, CTS labs and home economics classrooms
  • Automotive and woodworking shops
  • Kitchens and cafeterias
  • Chapels and other special-purpose rooms
  • Scalability via built expansion and modular units
  • IT and communications infrastructure

As BC educational facility construction experts, we are adept at solving tough problems including budgets, time constraints, and maintenance cost reduction. If your construction project involves education and higher learning, JEN COL has built something similar, and we’ll bring solutions and fresh ideas to your education construction project. Let’s start the conversation!

Safety—Beyond The Fence

At JEN COL, safety is always our highest priority—and nowhere more so than when working in an active school. Many of our education construction projects are renovation, expansion, and full-scale modernizations, where construction workers and tradespeople perform their jobs while lessons are being taught and children are playing nearby. While every such environment presents unique safety challenges met only through experience and careful planning, they also represent a distinguishing point of excellence for JEN COL. We have built our reputation around keeping people safely learning, teaching and operating, while we build an exceptional and enduring learning space—for the future of a vibrant BC community.

Sustainable Construction for Lower Impact & Costs

In BC even more than in most other regions, school boards, parents, council members, First Nations communities and other project stakeholders are often deeply concerned about minimizing environmental impacts in building a new, large-scale educational facility. When your school’s requirements include sustainable building requirements such as LEED or Green Globes, JEN COL delivers the expertise you need. Our experienced teams and project-proven sustainable construction partners bring fresh ideas for implementations like light and motion sensors, low-flow fixtures, energy-efficient flooring and LED lighting, while employing detailed scheduling, cost control strategies and management processes to deliver dependability, transparency—and the quality JEN COL stands for in every finished product.


JEN COL has been honoured to lead numerous successful and award-winning education construction projects spanning decades—and we’re just getting started. Let’s talk about how JEN COL can help build a pride-worthy, productive and enduring school for your community. You’re sure to learn a few valuable things just by starting the discussion!

Seismic Mitigation Construction and Structural Upgrades for BC Schools

At JEN COL, our experience as a premier Western Canadian school builder includes a broad understanding of the requirements for building schools and classrooms that are earthquake-safe, including structural and non-structural seismic upgrades. Our unmatched experience in school and education construction and retrofits enables us to assess, plan and deploy seismic mitigation projects with efficiency and exceptional attention to detail, to meet or exceed seismic code requirements.

Let JEN COL play a lead role in your school’s seismic upgrade and mitigation project.

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You won’t likely encounter anyone in your BC construction journey who is more experienced and adept than JEN COL at bringing your needs and expectations together through the lens of available funding. The earlier you talk to us, the better we are able to help you completely achieve your vision—on your budget.

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