Acheson, Alberta


5G Holdings Ltd.


2,570m2 (office)/1,873 m2 (maintenance facility)


April 2016

Having outgrown its original office in Stony Plain, JEN COL Construction decided to build its new headquarters and maintenance facility in Acheson, Alberta, just minutes west of Edmonton. JEN COL’s goal was to create a unique and striking facility where staff and guests feel welcomed, inspired and invigorated the moment they arrive. This is immediately apparent with the open clerestories and stunning entrance that invites people in. The two-storey building’s open concept, where you can see straight through glass partitions from the south through to the north of the building and likewise from the east through to the west, allows sunlight to stream in unobstructed.

One of JEN COL’s core values is to “work together for better results,” and this tenet is brought to life with well thought out meeting spaces and breakout rooms which are essential for fostering collaboration. Each room is equipped with interactive displays so teams can complete tasks together. The second-floor central atrium acts as the company’s hub, designed to host staff and client events and celebrations. In fact, there is even a “hockey-themed goal buzzer” that, when activated, means a celebratory announcement is about to be made in the atrium. Flexibility was another key priority for JEN COL. Workspaces and offices with demountable partitions provide forward-thinking flexibility to add and rearrange as the company grows.

In addition to the corporate office, an 18-bay maintenance facility (home to Coron Equipment, the maintenance division of JEN COL) is tucked in behind the main building. Included in the maintenance building is storage for tools and equipment, a wash bay and workshop areas to allow for repair and maintenance of all equipment. This facility also houses a fitness area complete with changing rooms and lockers.

Delivery Method

Construction Management


ONPA Architects


KFR Engineering


SMP Engineering


BPTEC Engineering