JEN COL Construction

A True Indigenous Construction Partner

Throughout our history, JEN COL has forged a significant path by collaborating closely with Indigenous communities on various successful projects. Grounded in principles of respect, mutual benefit and cultural sensitivity, we find ourselves at the forefront of sustainable development and community empowerment. By engaging Indigenous workers, respecting traditional lands and incorporating local knowledge into their projects, JEN COL not only contributes to the economic growth of Indigenous communities but also learns and grows from the rich cultural exchanges that occur.

Partnering with Indigenous communities has enabled the creation of a multitude of opportunities for Indigenous peoples within their territories, aligning with JEN COL’s commitment to social responsibility and economic participation. This commitment is reflected in projects that maximize local involvement and ensure all employees and subcontractors understand the importance of engaging with Indigenous communities.

We have seen a positive trend in building relationships with Indigenous people; from hiring Indigenous workers, sourcing from Indigenous businesses and investing in community initiatives. This has been a result of a concerted effort to understand and integrate Indigenous perspectives and needs into business operations, leading to shared success and prosperity.

Since our inception, JEN COL has successfully completed numerous projects with our Indigenous partners. These examples illustrate how we can play a pivotal role in supporting Indigenous communities through thoughtful engagement and partnership. By doing so, we not only contribute to the infrastructure and economic development of these communities but also set a precedent for how industries can work alongside Indigenous peoples to create a future that honours tradition, respects the environment and fosters mutual success.

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