JEN COL Participates In Moose Hide Campaign Day

JEN COL Moose Hide Day.

On May 16th, JEN COL wore moose hide pins to support the Moose Hide Campaign to end violence. The Moose Hide Campaign originated in British Columbia as an Indigenous-led grassroots initiative aimed at involving men and boys in the effort to stop violence against women and children. It has expanded into a National movement encompassing Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians from various communities, including First Nations, government bodies, educational institutions, law enforcement, and numerous other organizations, all dedicated to taking measures to put an end to violence.

The campaign began over 10 years ago, along the Highway of Tears, and since then thousands of communities, organizations and individuals across Canada have participated in the Moose Hide Campaign Day.

The campaign is grounded in Indigenous culture and traditional ways of healing. A cornerstone of the Moose Hide Campaign is the moose hide pin. The moose hide pins are considered a little piece of land medicine and gift to those who wear it. The campaign chose moose hide since it connects us to the land, culture and to each other. Wearing the pin signifies your commitment to honour, respect, and protect the women and children in your life and speak out against gender-based and domestic violence.

To learn more about Moose Hide Campaign Day, check out the website of the campaign here.

Moose Hide Campaign Day.