Peace River, Alberta


Alberta Infrastructure/ Holy Family Catholic Regional Division


5,924 m2 (modernization)/437 m2 (addition)


$9.8 million


August 2018

Glenmary School in Peace River, Alberta was originally built in 1964 with four classrooms and a small gymnasium. Sister Gillespie, a teacher at the school came up with the name Glenmary, “Glen” came from the area of town called Glenview and “Mary” was carefully selected as a devotion to Mary Mother of God. Over the years, additions to the school were built in 1966, 1970, 1980 and 1988.
In 2016, JEN COL Construction was awarded the contract to complete a 5,924 m2 modernization and 437 m2 addition. This included construction of a new Career and Technology Studies (CTS) lab with large overhead doors, a new space for the school’s art program, a series of new science labs and a two-storey aesthetics salon (named the EvelineCharles Peace River Academy). Renovations were also made to classrooms, the library, drama room, music room, staff room, meeting spaces, administration area and washrooms. This project was completed while the school remained occupied by staff and students and was organized into phases to allow the school to remain open and fully operational.
JEN COL was also contracted to install new seating in the theatre as part of a separate contract and returned in 2019 to install solar panels on the school to harness the sun’s power by converting it into 120-volt power to be used as needed to reduce their carbon footprint.

Delivery Method

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Bennett Architecture Inc.


TWS Engineering


TWS Engineering


BPTEC Engineering