Where Construction Success Begins

Just as breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it lays the foundation for energy, nutrition and overall good health, preconstruction is often the most critical phase in the construction process. Effective preconstruction planning empowers the best possible construction experience and opens the doors to increased value benefits from the project.

At JEN COL, we understand the pivotal role that preconstruction plays in the success of your construction project. Our clients will tell you they’ve seen the benefits from early days through to completion — and beyond to optimized building operations. And in times when construction budgets are incredibly challenging, careful pre-construction is your most powerful resource.

Why is Preconstruction So Important?

Preconstruction is the cornerstone of every successful construction project. It’s the phase where the project’s entire scope and schedule are meticulously planned, construction issues and solutions are identified — and your construction manager provides valuable guidance and budget recommendations before a shovel hits the dirt.

It is during preconstruction that you have the greatest opportunity that will ever be available to positively impact the cost, quality, schedule, and overall value of your project. It’s the phase that best enables us to align precisely with your vision, ensuring that no aspect of your project’s success is left to chance.

Here are some key reasons why preconstruction is so vital:

Cost Savings

Preconstruction helps uncover potential cost savings that may not have previously been visible. By identifying and addressing budgetary concerns before work begins, we are best positioned to ensure the project stays within your desired budget, and see the broadest range of available opportunities. Every step from here forward limits opportunities for improvement and increases the cost of any changes, but it is in preconstruction that changes, improvements and course corrections have the smallest negative impacts.

Risk Mitigation

We create a comprehensive project risk plan during preconstruction, identifying, costing, and mitigating potential risks. This proactive approach minimizes the chances of unexpected setbacks during construction.

Project Clarity

With the project scope, budget, and schedule in hand, preconstruction provides you with a clear roadmap of what your project will look like and how it will be built. This advanced preparedness and planning provides clarity and confidence to all team members, making your project attractive to potential collaborators and establishing a winning mindset from the very start.


Preconstruction is the phase where all key stakeholders, including the Owner, Architect, Consultants, and Construction Manager, begin to collaborate closely. This collaboration sets the foundation for your project’s success and ensures that everyone is on the same page. It is where your team comes together and begins to gel over a clear and effective game plan.


Preconstruction empowers you to make informed decisions about your project’s overall viability. If the project is not feasible due to cost, the availability of labour, materials or any other factors, you can make such determinations before any construction activity begins — and before you are heavily invested.

What Happens During Preconstruction?

While each preconstruction plan is tailored to your specific needs, here are typical stages and outputs you can expect:

Project Understanding

We start by developing a deep understanding of your vision and objectives for the project. Your goals and aspirations are the guiding principles of our discovery process. We seek to fully understand the Why before planning the How.

Project definition

We outline the project’s scope, analyze the build site, and create digital schematics or review architectural designs. This stage allows us to address design, placement, and location issues, providing expertise and insights while you have maximal flexibility to leverage them.

Project scope

We define a detailed description of all work to be performed during the project, outlining the workers, equipment, and materials that will be required for its successful completion. This ensures everyone is intimately familiar with the project’s requirements, with a realistic view of who and what will be required.

Project risk

We identify, plan, cost, and mitigate project risks. It’s crucial for our team to be aligned on potential risks and the impact of each one to ensure a smooth, predictable project journey.

Project Budget

Our experienced team conducts a cost analysis to determine if the project can be completed within your initial budget. We create a comprehensive project cost plan, identify savings opportunities, and develop a realistic budget. This is where you most need clarity, pricing expertise and partner integrity — not perfect-world numbers that may feel good but are unlikely to be achieved.

Project schedule

We provide a preliminary schedule that highlights milestones from design to completion, offering an estimate of task durations and project completion dates.

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At JEN COL Construction, we know that the success of your project begins with preconstruction preparedness. It’s where we will lay the groundwork for a construction experience that exceeds your expectations. Our collaborative approach, attention to detail, and commitment to your vision ensure that your project achieves greater value than you originally imagined.

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