Saulteau Cultural Centre

Saulteau Cultural Centre in Moberly Lake, British Columbia - Architect Rendering

This transformative project for the Saulteau First Nation consists of the construction of a 2,323m2 community cultural building on federally designated reserve lands in Moberly Lake, BC (near the community of Chetwynd in northeastern British Columbia).

The building will serve as a gathering space for community cultural events, courses, fitness programs
and various other activities. The project utilizes sustainable energy sources and reduces energy
requirements; it also accommodates gender diversity and universal access.

The design for this cultural building is based on a loose, artistic interpretation of the teepee. It includes a
large gathering hall with viewing area, full commercial kitchen, elders’ and members’ lounge, workout room, play room for children and a large educational space.

The scope of the project includes site clearing and preparation on previously deforested land, installation
of biomass heating systems, water and sewer infrastructure, construction of building and surrounding
parking areas.

JEN COL is A True Indigenous Construction Partnerlearn more.

1 Putt Virtual Golf Facility

1 Putt Virtual Golf Commercial Construction.

1 Putt Virtual Golf is a new single-story facility with six semi-private virtual golf bays, an open concept foosball and gaming area, and a clubhouse to serve food and drinks. This 330m² facility was built with socialization and community building in mind. This required JEN COL to plan out the design and flow of the space expertly and strategically in a way that would encourage patrons to socialize and move around.

This project also involved strategically planning out the lighting of the space. At the front, the facilities modern design features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to flood in and brighten the space for a warm and inviting ambience. As you walk into the back of the facility where the golf bays are found, the lighting is purposefully dimmed so that the screens of the bay shine bright with bright green graphics, delivering a realistic golfing experience.

Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic

JEN COL Construction Project Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic Spruce Grove Alberta

The Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic is a new single storey clinic with nine exam rooms, large treatment space, surgery and dentistry suites, pharmacy, a large bay/garage area and other related ancillary spaces for operational needs.

This 697m² facility was built with extreme consideration for indoor air quality as most indoor air pollution that affect occupants comes from sources inside the building. This required JEN COL to work very closely with our mechanical engineers and contractors to design and install an HVAC system to adequately manage ventilation and screening, along with heating, humidity and temperature control throughout the facility.

This project also involved working with vendors and contractors to coordinate and install highly sensitive and specialized equipment, including diagnostic imaging (ultrasound) equipment, digital x-ray imaging machines, anesthesia machines, IV pumps, autoclaves and other sterilizers.

Decker Centre

Decker Centre Stony Plain.

Decker Centre is a one-story, 1,394m² commercial shopping center located in Stony Plain, Alberta, developed on two acres of land. It is designed to accommodate retail, office and professional tenants. Despite facing challenges such as high-water tables and expansive soil, our team implemented innovative solutions to ensure success and minimize geotechnical expenses. By changing the foundation plans and replacing traditional Compacto piles with screw piles, we ensured the foundation would be secure while also achieving significant cost savings of over $417,000. The building has been creatively designed with a faux facade, imitation windows, and raised features, making it more visually appealing and interesting, and avoiding a plain, boxy look.

The shopping complex encompasses eight bays, completely shelled for tenant satisfaction and convenience. We completed all the separate electrical, mechanical, gas meters and water for each individual tenant bay, fully ready for each tenant to proceed with their fit-out. In addition to the core structure, our scope of work encompassed comprehensive site development for the rest of the Decker Centre square to prepare for future developments. We also completed landscaping initiatives aimed at enhancing curb appeal. This project was successfully completed on time and significantly under budget.

Claystone Waste Ltd. Administration Building

JEN COL Construction Project Claystone Waste Administration Building Ryley Alberta

This cutting-edge facility, located in the heart of Beaver County, Alberta, is a shining example of sustainable construction. The new administration office for one of western Canada’s leaders in waste management – Claystone Waste Ltd. – is the region’s first and only LEED® certified building. In fact, the building achieved LEED® GOLD certification!

Being in the waste management industry, the owners had sustainability as a top priority when they decided to move ahead with designing and constructing a new building to deal with a growing and diverse range of municipal and industrial clients. This 587m2 one-storey facility is completely wood-framed (i.e., no structural steel) and all of the framing and sheathing is Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC) certified, a system that verifies sustainable sourcing of forest products.

Some of the other key elements of sustainable construction in this project include water-efficient toilets and faucets, formaldehyde-free insulation and wood, low-VOC paints and coatings, building air quality testing, erosion and sediment control measures, and LEED® certified furniture. A significant amount of construction waste (e.g., concrete, masonry, metal) was also diverted from the landfill. A unique attribute of the new facility is the solar panel installation on the roof of the building. Although solar panels are not unique, the client has an app that gives them live data of how much energy the panels are generating, and they share this information with their employees on TVs throughout the building… once again, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

École Pere Kenneth Kearns

Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns Catholic School interior

École Pere Kenneth Kearns is the only Catholic Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4 French Immersion School in Sherwood Park. Originally built in 1967, this project included modernization of six existing classrooms and the renovation of existing spaces into five new classroom and music room spaces. A new library, breakout spaces and washrooms were also created as part of the school renovations.

An addition to the west side of the building included a university-size gymnasium, change area and reception space; all to be shared between the school and the County of Strathcona. A new parking lot was also added and various other site work updates completed to accommodate the school as well as patrons using the new gym facilities.

JEN COL was involved very early on in the planning process for the EPKK school addition and modernization project and were able to budget and plan the project successfully with the clients, consultants and subcontractors.

History of success with Indigenous partners.

Chateh Community School interior

Throughout our history, JEN COL has forged a significant path by collaborating closely with Indigenous communities on various successful projects. Grounded in principles of respect, mutual benefit and cultural sensitivity, we find ourselves at the forefront of sustainable development and community empowerment. By engaging Indigenous workers, respecting traditional lands and incorporating local knowledge into their projects, JEN COL not only contributes to the economic growth of Indigenous communities but also learns and grows from the rich cultural exchanges that occur.

Partnering with Indigenous communities has enabled the creation of a multitude of opportunities for Indigenous peoples within their territories, aligning with JEN COL’s commitment to social responsibility and economic participation. This commitment is reflected in projects that maximize local involvement and ensure all employees and subcontractors understand the importance of engaging with Indigenous communities.

We have seen a positive trend in building relationships with Indigenous people; from hiring Indigenous workers, sourcing from Indigenous businesses and investing in community initiatives. This has been a result of a concerted effort to understand and integrate Indigenous perspectives and needs into business operations, leading to shared success and prosperity.

Since our inception, JEN COL has successfully completed numerous projects with our Indigenous partners. These examples illustrate how we can play a pivotal role in supporting Indigenous communities through thoughtful engagement and partnership. By doing so, we not only contribute to the infrastructure and economic development of these communities but also set a precedent for how industries can work alongside Indigenous peoples to create a future that honours tradition, respects the environment and fosters mutual success.

JEN COL is A True Indigenous Construction Partnerlearn more.

Main Street Law Office

Main Street Law exterior front on an angle

With a roster of about 7,500 individual, family and owner-operated business clients, Main Street Law, a Spruce Grove, Alberta-based law firm, was looking to construct a new office to support its growing business. Having a strong commitment to the community, Main Street Law purchased a former bar located along Spruce Grove’s main thoroughfare (Highway 16A) which had been vacant since 2015 to build its office, hoping to beautify and bring new life to the area.

JEN COL Construction was hired to manage the construction of the new commercial office building which began as a construction management agreement but was converted to a stipulated price contract. Priorities for Main Street Law were to create a modern, welcoming space for clients and staff along with commercial units for future retail tenants. JEN COL delivered a bright, modern, high-end three-storey office building with a main floor reception area leading to 2nd and third floor offices, meeting rooms, open work areas as well as a staff lunchroom, plus two leasable retail spaces on the street level. 

The official ground-breaking was in late January 2018 and construction took place throughout 2018. Main Street Law moved into their new facility in early 2019.

Border Paving Athletic Centre

Border Paving Athletic exterior in Spruce Grove

In 2011, the City of Spruce Grove conducted preliminary design work on a new stand-alone gymnastics-based facility; however, after a number of other community needs were determined the City decided to build a multi-purpose sports and recreation facility to act as Spruce Grove’s hub for recreation and not-for-profit activities within the community as well as an administrative centre for the City’s recreation staff.

The purpose of the building was to house a variety of sport and leisure activities, while offering flex space for non-for-profit organizations, a sports museum and additional storage space for the neighbouring Fuhr Sports Park.

JEN COL Construction became construction manager of the 4,198 m2 modern, state-of-the-art complex in 2014 which includes a 1,410m² gymnasium, a large playschool area, multi-purpose rooms, meeting rooms, workstations and storage. There is also a large shelled space on the third floor that is semi-finished for expansion or a future tenant.

Since opening to the public in 2016, the Border Paving Athletic Centre has become a vibrant, dynamic gathering place for the health and well being of the City of Spruce Grove, fostering opportunities for community groups and City staff to network, build relationships and advance.

Sawmill Restaurants

Sawmill Restaurant exterior front entrance

JEN COL Construction has been working with The Sawmill Restaurant Group constructing and modernizing Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House Restaurants across North, Central and Southern Alberta since 2012.
Altogether, JEN COL has worked on five restaurant projects with The Sawmill Restaurant Group. These have ranged from completely new builds to interior and exterior renovations of existing locations. Although each project has been different, they all have had two very important measures of success: delivery on time and on budget. JEN COL worked with The Sawmill Restaurant Group and the design team to ensure schedules and budgets were developed with detail and accuracy; and each project was delivered on time and on budget.