At JEN COL, we demonstrate what it means to truly partner with BC Indigenous leaders in building community hubs like recreation centres, schools, municipal facilities, office buildings and other quality structures. With a track record of Indigenous commercial construction project success.


We understand that every time we partner with a BC Indigenous community, we are walking, working and collaborating on your ancestral and future land. Expect our actions and humility to demonstrate that we deeply honour your approach to business and respect your traditional way of life, as we take the time to learn from you how to become ever more worthy as a partner.

Your trust is a bestowal our leaders, associates and individual team members value and will never take for granted.

Committed to Delivering Multi-Generational Benefits to Indigenous Bands in BC

What does it mean to JEN COL to be a true partner with our BC Indigenous clients?

It’s never lip service. It means we are committed to:

  • Patiently training and apprenticing a new generation of Indigenous British Columbia builders and tradespeople to be part of a productive BC workforce, long after our project is completed
  • Investing in long-term jobs, while collaborating win-win with Indigenous BC businesses and
  • seeking to utilize Band-owned equipment whenever appropriate to construct effectively and resourcefully—together.

Our purpose is a very long-term one that only matters when your success comes first.

Navigating Logistics and Constraints, in BC and Beyond

Building for BC Indigenous clients can often mean working in remote communities with limited access, seasonal challenges and other unique constraints.

At JEN COL, we embrace these challenges and make plans to overcome them while staying on schedule and on budget through strong partnerships, expert planning, and very nimble project management.

We are happy to share examples of how we’ve achieved noteworthy successes on Indigenous construction projects through a multitude of challenges—and how we will bring the same high level of commitment and creative thinking to your commercial construction project.

Sustainable Construction for BC’s First Nations Communities

BC’s Indigenous communities are inextricably connected to the land, and construction project stakeholders are often deeply concerned about minimizing environmental impacts.

When your project’s requirements include sustainable building requirements such as LEED or Green Globes, JEN COL has the expertise you need. Our experienced teams and project-proven sustainable construction partners bring fresh ideas for techniques like rainwater and heat capture and recycling, while employing detailed scheduling, cost control strategies and management processes to deliver dependability, transparency—and the quality JEN COL stands for in every finished product.

JEN COL has had the honour of being selected to lead numerous successful and award-winning Indigenous construction projects over forty-plus years our business has spanned—and we’re always seeking to raise the bar. We would be pleased to talk about how JEN COL can help build something pride-worthy, productive and enduring in your community.

Honouring Your Culture and Traditions

We recognize the importance of having meaningful dialogue to ensure your culture and traditions are honoured alongside our efforts toward community employment and career development.

Photo of man in business attireOur Indigenous Partner Brent Boisvert is a senior member of the JEN COL Project Team for all First Nations assignments. A Treaty 8 Grassroots member of the Bigstone Cree Nation, Brent provides awareness and mentorship to our team on Indigenous cultural protocols while advancing our understanding of meaningful reconciliation efforts.

Honouring your culture and traditions are cornerstones of our commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships built on trust, respect and honesty.

Promise, Delivered.

Through each and every interaction with JEN COL you can expect:

  • Partners who are dialled into your values, goals and priorities; who are completely focused on delivering quality, value and safety
  • Clear communication with consistent messages throughout the construction process—and no surprises
  • Expert advice developed through decades of construction industry leadership to turn your vision into reality

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You won’t likely encounter anyone in your construction journey who is more experienced and adept than JEN COL at bringing Indigenous construction project needs and community expectations together through the lens of available funding. The earlier you talk to us, the better we are able to help you completely achieve your vision—on your budget.

See our What It Costs page to fully understand what we mean.