Notre Dame Elementary School, Morinville

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Client:Greater St.Albert Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 734
Delivery Method:Construction Management
Contract Date:July 2012
Completion Date:January 2014
Contract Value:$2,875,223

Project Description:

The Notre Dame School required the addition of 7 Modulars to the north side of the school in an existing field. In addition to the Modulars a new parking lot with future car plug-ins and lights for teacher and public parking was added. The biggest factor in this addition was the schedule. Jen-Col was awarded the contract on July 11, 2012, mobilized on site July 23, 2012, modulars arrived on site August 4, 2012 and needed to be completed prior to school getting back in on September 4, 2012. In order to meet this schedule Jen-Col worked closely with the school board to split the project into multiple phases.

Phase 1 of the Modular Addition was to have 7 modulars in place and construction on the modulars completed. This included a temporary exterior accessible ramp that would be replaced in phase 2 with a permanent link to the school. The modulars were set on screw piles above ground in order to accommodate the schedule that would not allow for an excavation. Also in phase 1 was the completion of the parking lot and all electrical rough-in for it. Jen-Col worked closely with the Town of Morinville planners in restoring bus lanes, curbs, and roads in front of the school as this was scheduled to be completed by the town the same time our parking lot work on site was to be done.

Phase 2 was the construction of the link between the new modular addition and the existing school during which time the modulars and the school would both be occupied by students. Challenges faced while completing the link included the design and construction of an accessible ramp, as well as the construction of a mechanical system within the link. Also installed in phase 2 were the electrical fixtures in the parking lot including the car plug-in rails and light standards. Landscaping was added throughout the school field to take the open space up to the requirements of the City of Morinville development code. Phase 3 was added afterwards comprising of the addition of one extra modular classroom.

Jen-Col Construction worked closely with Alberta Infrastructure, the Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School Board, the Notre Dame School Principal and Teachers, and the Town of Morinville to ensure a safe project was completed. All phases were completed under a Construction Management Contract. Phase 1 of construction was completed almost 15% under budget due to cost savings ideas and techniques used by Jen-Col Construction. Phases 2 and 3 were completed at 20% under budget again because of cost savings suggested by Jen-Col.

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