High Level Public School and Skills Centre

Location:High Level, AB
Size: 5,192 m2
Delivery Method:Stipulated Sum
Status: Completed January 2017

Project Information:

The High Level Public School Skills project involved a modernization of the 5,192 m2 existing school and a 373m2 addition of the new CTS areas. The project consisted of 4 Phases. Phase 1 consisted of a modernization of the Student Gathering Areas, Fitness Room, Existing CTS, adding a New Kitchen in place of the Bear Necessities and a new Student Council space. The school and was occupied during construction and a major win on this project was the minimal disruption and overal client/user group satisfaction during construction right through to project completion.

There was also a Phase 1B which was an addition for a New CTS Room. The envelope systems for this addition are Metal Cladding, brick, and a 2 ply roof system. Due to the major disruption that was required for this phase it was decided that this was the last phase to be completed which offered the client opportunity to make additional adjustments to the requirements in this Phase.

Phase 2 was the modernization of the existing Kitchen which into the New Bear Necessities and a smaller Kitchen Area. As the school activities schedule for the year included the use of Phase 2, this phase could only be started if Phase 1 was completed. Phase 3 was also a modernization which consisted of the two main corridor within the school and the student lounge. These areas had school traffic consistently during school hours so Jen-Col worked with the school staff in planning construction activities around school activities and ensuring barriers were in place for safety of the students and staff. Phase 4 of this project was to add a Sprinkler System to the building and replacement of Ceiling Grid and Tile in the remaining school. Jen-Col integrated Phase 3 and 4 into one Phase which offered the client more space to provide added programs within the school year.

As the construction was scheduled around school activities to maximize the work and make gains on the construction schedule, Jen-Col constructed the project on a 7 day per week schedule. Due to this the client was able to include additional scope which did not impact the overall project schedule. Construction activities were scheduled to ensure continuous operation of the facility and to minimize disruption to the school during the school year.

This project was a great success as it was completed within the overall construction schedule and within the overall project budget from the client.